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Illustrator of the month – Cherry Huang

Illustrator of the month

Sherry Huang

  • Age: Grade 8 Student from Taiwan.
  • Hobby: likes to draw and paint.
  • Dream: to illustrate my own story books.
Drawing with Artisul

Sherry created her character the Grape Kid based onthe last grape left on her fruit plate.

Cherry Huang drawing with Artisul

This is the Grape Kid Hot Pot Winter Edition. Hot pot is a casserole of meat ,vegetables and seafood, often eaten in the winter to keep warm.

drawing with Artisul

Coffee x PoPo Celebration, This is Grape Kid and his friends Coffee celebrating X’mas.

Illustrations by Cherry Huang

This is the grape kid as a hair stylist.

Thank you Sherry, for inspiring us with your creativity. We hope to see more of Grapes Kid’s adventures.


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