How to Draw lips in 1 minute!

1 minute draw lips -1

1.  Draw three circles, like a “Mickey Mouse”, the circles will determine the fullness of the lips. In this case, I’m drawing full lips.

2 - draw lips in 1 minute

2. Draw a V shape rooftop, on the two circles on top.

3 - draw lips in 1 minute

3. Now connect extend the shape like so, to create the upper lip, the line between the lower lip will have a slight curve as it follows the outline of the bottom circle.

4- draw lips in 1 minute

4. Now connect the lower lip line, and draw it flat as it passes the bottom circle.

5- draw lips in 1 minute

5. For frontal light, add shadowing at the upper lips and darken between the lips. The upper lip is often has a darker shadow.

6- draw lips in 1 minute

6. Congratulations! You have now drawn lips in 1 minute! Now try it using this technique when drawing any lips. This technique will help you create more volume, and fullness of the lips.

6- draw lips in 1 minute

Any tips on drawing? Please share it with us and create a post!


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