Photoshop Tutorial – How to draw an Apple

Step-By-Step Tutorial on How To Draw An Apple.

Today’s workshop will a be step-by-step tutorial on how to draw an apple. Here, I will be demonstrating the tutorial using Photoshop.

Step 1: Roughly sketch an outline of the apple. Also mark where you would like the apple stem to locate. Apples grow in all sorts of shapes, don’t be afraid if your apple is not symmetrical!

Step 2: Open up a new raster layer (you may skip this step if you are not using an application with this function). Use black brush to make a more precise sketch of the final shape of the apple and stem. Roughly shade in where the darkest parts of the apple would be.

Step 3: Using a larger brush size, start coloring in the apple starting from the lighter colors. In this case, it would be light green.

Step 4: Switch into the desired red color and start coloring in the rest of the apple. Note: I have changed the brush opacity from 100% to 40% to imitate the texture and sensation of water color.

Step 5: Continue coloring in the red section of the apple, remember you can change your brush size to save time and provide different texture to the apple!

Step 6: Switch into different variations of red as well as yellow to provide depth to the apple.

Step 7: Color in the stem and using a large brush size, choose different variations of dark purple as the apple’s shadow. Next, provide highlights for the apple where the light would reflect off of the apple.

Step 8: Use the blurring tool to blur out sections of the apple to make the surface appear more smooth.

Final Step: After completion, hide the layer for the rough outline (step 2) . Note: If you didn’t create a raster layer, just use eraser tool to erase the outline.


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