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Interview with Hyun’s Dojo

Artisul: Hi Hyun! Thank you for agreeing to do this interview. We have a few questions we would like to ask you about your work and process have you share with our readers.

How did you start Hyun’s DOJO studio?

Hyun: Hyun’s Dojo started off as a personal portfolio website for my own personal animations, but it quickly evolved into a community and studio in the past 3 years. I wanted to host a site where a community of artists and animators could thrive, connect, work together, and above all else, be a part of an ever-growing community of awesome people.

Not only do we have a community of artists and animators, but we are also an animation studio! Our team consists of 5 people: Hyun, Miccool, Jomm, Terkoiz, and Ehlboy.

Artisul: It’s great to have artists/animators like your team that is willing to go the extra step and expand a personal portfolio into a studio that is able to reach over 333,000 subscribers. In 3 years, Hyun’s Dogo have inspired so many others in the creative community.

Artisul: What are some of your past works?

Hyun: Being a small studio as we are, we’ve had the privilege of working for many awesome people and companies such as Riot Games, Brad Allan, Rhett & Link, Superevilmegacorp, and more. We’ve always had the urge to challenge ourselves with every given project and to strive for the highest quality of animation not just for our clients, but to better ourselves as well.

Artisul: You teach us all that numbers do not matter, passionate artists are can still work together in small numbers to create great work. It doesn’t always take 1000s of manpower to creative great animation.

So tell me, what tips would you give for people working with graphics tablets?

Hyun: Some advice I would say for using graphics tablets would be to really take your time into customizing your tablet to fit your needs. Not only should you customize your shortkeys and pen, but it’s also very important to have the right setup to have good posture and comfort while animating or drawing. Another piece of advice for tablets is that one should not rely too much on the tablet itself, as it won’t suddenly increase one’s skill as some people might think. I think people should focus more on the concepts of drawing and animating and see tablets as more of a tool that could compliment the direction towards improvement, but not as a direct result of improvement.

Artisul: Thank you for the advice. For the final part of this interview, let’s talk about your creative community. What was the D.I.C.E competition about?

Going back to our community, we also host competitions for the animators such as the recent “D.I.C.E.” competition. DICE stands for “Dojo Inhouse Challenge Exhibition” where a series of animation challenges are given for prizes to the winners. If you haven’t already seen the recent entries, I highly suggest you all to check them out! We were fortunate enough to team up with Artisul to make this competition possible!

Artisul: Thank you Hyun and Hyun Dojo Studio for cooperating with Artisul US, we hope to see more of your team’s upcoming animations!


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