Photoshop Tutorial: How to draw a Cheeseburger

Step-by-Step Photoshop Tutorial on How To Draw a Cheeseburger

Today’s tutorial will be similar to yesterday’s apple tutorial, the program used in this tutorial will be Photoshop.

Step 1: Start with sketching a rough outline for your burger buns. Include a vertical line in the center to help make your burger more symmetrical. Mark with horizontal lines for the height of your buns and filling.

Step 2: Open a new raster layer. Using the outline as a guide, choose a desired color and sketch out the final shape for your buns.

Step 3: Sketch out the rest of the burger filling. Feel free to be creative with your fillings and layout. I have chosen a double cheeseburger with bacon bits, lettuce, pickled cucumbers, tomato, and onion.

Step 4: Hide the raster layer for the rough outline after you have finished drawing the outline for the entire burger.

Step 5: Choose a suitable color for your bun. Set the brush to 50% opacity. Color in your burger patty by filling in the entire bun with the same color, then begin layering on without changing the brush setting to create more depth through the color.

Step 6: Repeat the same process for the other bun. Choose other colors such as dark brown, white, or light yellow to layer on for more depth. Don’t be afraid to play with the opacity of the brush!

Step 7: Choose the water color brush (#25 brush preset) to make the white and black sesame seeds on the top bun.

Step 8: Begin coloring in the fillings with the desired color based on the type of burger you chose to draw. Remember to alternate the brightness and darkness to imitate reflective light and shadows.

Final Step: After coloring in the entire burger, use a solid color to draw in the shadow for the burger so it doesn’t appear to be floating.


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