Photoshop Tutorial: Cheers! Learn how to use layers.

photoshop tutorial how to use layers

Step 1 + 2: Use paint bucket tool to fill the background color to any desired dark color. In this tutorial, we will be focusing on how to utilize layers function; by creating new layers, you can easily color in without worrying about overlapping your outlines or other colors. Switch the paint bucket tool into paint brush tool, then change the paint brush color to black. Next, create a new layer above the background layer (as shown in the right side of the image).

Step 3: Use the black paint brush to draw in the outline for the beer. Make sure the opacity of the brush is set to 100% to prevent the outline from being transparent. Rename layer 1 as “Beer Outline.”

Step 4: Create a new layer between the two existing layers and rename as “Beer Bubble.” Yes, we will be coloring in our beer bubbles. Switch the paint brush color to white and start coloring in where your overflowing beer bubbles. Note: It is perfectly fine to color outside the beer outline or leave a little unfilled sections!

Step 5: Create a new layer above the background color and name as “Beer body light,” Choose a light yellow color to color in the lighter part of the beer color. Repeat the same process for “Beer Body Dark,” representing the darker areas of the beer body.

Step 6: Repeating the same process, choose a bright blue color for the beer glass reflection.

Step 7: Think of a message for your audience! Be sure to create a new layer for it too! (Alternative: choose your favorite font type and use the text tool to create your message.)

Step 8: If you find the background too boring, you can also choose a new color and draw in a table for your beer. Alternative to adding a new layer would be to select the background layer and draw the table directly on the background layer. I chose a round table, but be creative, you can add in patterns or straight lines for your table too!

photoshop tutorial how to use layers

Step 9: As the final step, lets utilize the opacity to add in the shadows. Change the opacity of the brush to 50% and choose a grey color for the shadow. Next, create a new layer (this time ABOVE the tablet layer and not the background layer). By creating a layer above the table layer allows you to draw in transparent colors above the color of the table but behind all the other beer layers. If you lift up your pen and color over the first layer of shadow, this will yield a slightly more solid grey than the previous coating. Don’t be afraid to experiment around with the opacity!

Quick Tip: Under Adobe Photoshop, you may press Cmd + Opt + Z for mac or Ctrl + Alt + Z for PC to undo more than once.


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